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Public Notice

Issue Date: 1 November 2017

Following a complaint laid against a Registered Professional Engineer, Ir Dr WONG Yum Wah (R.P.E. in Building Services and Mechanical Disciplines, registration no. RP0221961), an Inquiry Committee set up by the Engineers Registration Board under the Engineers Registration Ordinance (Cap. 409) (the “Ordinance”) found that Ir Dr WONG was guilty of a disciplinary offence under Section 20(1)(a) of the Ordinance, in that he committed misconduct or neglect in a professional respect.

Brief particulars of the case are as follows:-


The complaint relates to a Form 6 (Certificate of Test and Thorough Examination of Chains, Ropes and Lifting Gear no. ILL-140805-28) and a Form 7 (Certificate of Results of Thorough Examination in the Preceding Six Months no. ILL-140805-28) both dated 5 August 2014 which Ir Dr WONG signed under regulation 18(1)(d) and (e) respectively of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear) Regulations (Cap. 59J). The complaint is that Ir Dr WONG did not carry out any test and examination to the items, e.g. eye-bolt and the attached independent life-line, described in the Forms.

Decision of the Inquiry Committee

While believing Ir Dr WONG did carry out the necessary examination which is defined in Regulation 3 of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear) Regulations to mean “a visual examination, carried out as carefully as the conditions permit in order to arrive at a reliable conclusion as to the safety of the parts examined, and if necessary for the purpose the visual examination shall be supplemented if necessary by other means such as a hammer test and, parts of the lifting appliance or lifting gear shall be dismantled”, the Inquiry Committee found that Ir Dr WONG failed to carry out the necessary test as specified in Schedule 1 to the Regulations.

After considering the seriousness of the disciplinary offence and the submissions on mitigation by Ir Dr WONG, the Inquiry Committee made the following disciplinary orders:

(1) reprimand Ir Dr WONG in writing and order the Registrar to record the reprimand on the register;
(2) order the Registrar to remove the name of Ir Dr WONG from the register for three months which order to be suspended for twelve months on condition that Ir Dr WONG shall provide the Registrar with monthly written report during the said twelve months period, reporting, to the satisfaction of the Engineers Registration Board, about the thorough examination and testing he has carried out under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear) Regulations. These reports must include details of the thorough examination and testing carried out, the procedures adopted and the certificates/reports issued.









研訊委員會相信王博士、工程師有對有關裝置進行檢驗(根據工廠及工業經營(起重機械及起重裝置)規例指“肉眼檢驗,而檢驗是在情況許可下盡量詳細進行,以對所檢驗部分的安全程度得出可靠的結論者;如為此目的而有需要,則肉眼檢驗須輔以(如有需要)其他檢驗方式如錘擊測試,而起重機械或起重裝置的部分亦須拆卸”) 。但研訊委員會裁定王博士、工程師並無對有關裝置進行工廠及工業經營(起重機械及起重裝置)規例附表1所規定的測試。


(一) 以書面譴責王博士、工程師,並命令註冊主任將該項譴責記入註冊紀錄冊內;及
(二) 命令註冊主任在註冊紀錄冊內將王博士、工程師的姓名註銷,為期三個月,並命令將前述註銷命令暫緩執行十二個月,暫緩執行條件為王博士、工程師必須於暫緩執行的十二個月期間,就王博士、工程師按工廠及工業經營(起重機械及起重裝置)規例所執行的徹底檢驗及測試,每月向註冊主任提交令工程師註冊管理局滿意的書面報告,報告必須列出所執行的徹底檢驗及測試的細節、採納的程序及所發出的證明書或報告。